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Eris energy will want to stir things up to make everyone and everything uncomfortable.

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This is the type of energy that would make people feel vulnerable or sensitive. The 16 th degree in Sagittarius is a degree that is filled with humor and excitement which is all about self. In Tarot, it is about self and the ego. The harder influence comes in from Neptune in Pisces. We also need to consider that Neptune is associated with psychic abilities and imagination. It is also linked to socialism or left-wing political ideals, covert or secret plots, fraud, illicit activities, sedition along with all things liquid. So, what does all this mean?

Leading up and to the eclipse, there is a building feminine energy that could manifest as economic, social or religious event that will have overtones that manifest as humorous that builds excitement. It could very well be entertainment that might go a little to far for the likes of Neptunian people leaving them feeling sad or victimized.

There is definitely a sense of self-centeredness or ego in this energy and it will most definitely leave a number of people feeling uncomfortable. The opposition energies for this conjunction are found in central Gemini which is centered around Mexico City and extend north through western Texas. Both Uranus and Eris have turned direct. To review, back near the New Moon both Uranus and Eris turned direct.

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The Degree that Eris turned on highlighted anything to do with governments. Where Uranus turned has to do with thinking out into the future — planning for the future. Also keep in mind that this conjunction should be in play until early April, thus we have some time for this to play out. For the details, Uranus is about scientific discoveries, inventions, explosions, anarchy, rebellion, unrest and right-wing political ideals while Eris is an asteroid of confusion, disarray and discord. Even though the conjunction is waning, these two objects continue to amplify each other to make sure people stay in a state of bickering or confrontation.

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Pallas is still directly opposing both Uranus and Eris. It would naturally fight for balance and harmony; thus, the opposition is still suggesting that the rebellious energy of Uranus and the disarray from Eris is still up against legal battles focused around justice. Also note that because this is an opposition, the things that Uranus influences would be seen as being at odds with justice and the legal system in such a way as to drain the participants personal power.

Keep in mind that Pallas has been working her way across Europe. In a couple weeks, it will be directly over Istanbul and working its way through Cairo where it stands still to turn retrograde. At that point, it comes all the way back to Germany. For more details, Pluto is still square agitating the explosive, rebellious, deceitful and lawless nature of the right-wing political people around the world. The good news is that when this energy is vented, it will be done in a responsible, disciplined way.

It will seem like there is self-control in the outbursts as if there is a point being made rather than outright rage. With Ceres in a quincunx to Uranus, that feminine nurturing energy, or the people with this type of energy, will continue to not understand what the right is doing. This could play out as showing a general feminine resistance of delay which will feed the agitation that drives strikes, riots and rebellion.

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The energy of misunderstandings that was channeled through Venus during the New Mon has been handed off to Ceres making way for the eclipse. The lunar eclipse that plays out does so in a square with this conjunction and with the Sun moving into Aquarius. This is normally a progressive, independent, humanitarian type of energy that will stand up for a cause, listen and hold an intellectual conversation. Yet in this case the energy is harder than normal thus it can play out as people being eccentric, temperamental, uncompromising and aloof particularly from the leaders.

It can lead to broken promises from leadership and refusing to do what you would intuitively expect of them to do. The Moon will just be entering Leo which is generally a warm-hearted, creative and generous sign, yet it to is in a hard aspect so we should expect the people to be inflexible and see the arrogance of the leaders as it plays out.

Putting the eclipse together, we have the energy around the leaders anyone in positions of power feeling a strong sense of independence, yet not towards the chaos that Uranus and Eris have been displaying around the world. The public is in an opposition situation which could feed into the rebellious nature linked to Uranus. The other aspect that is very interesting in this celestial cord is the trine that Jupiter makes to Eris. Jupiter is exalted in Sagittarius which is a generous, freedom loving, idealistic type of energy which wants to think and live large.

It is in a trine with Eris which will embolden this asteroid of mischief to really turn on the chaos. This synergy is going to build all the way into March before dissolving come July. Remember, this energy is tied directly to what the leaders do and what the people perceive.

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To me, it looks like the asteroid of bickering is supported in a way to really bring out the arguments that can stem from nothing. Seeing that this is an eclipse, this might be the predominant energy that stands out for this report. Yes, the transit is very short, but the impact is emotional and will take time to work through. The first thing to note is that the Sun and Moon are in a high state of discord.

Consider this a heightened period of conflict that will require lots of effort to overcome or transcend. Also, in a general sense, the Sun represents the leaders and people in positions of authority, and the Moon represents the types of things that will be on the minds of the masses. The Sun as just moved into Aquarius.

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This ingress suggests that the energy pushes the leaders towards total independence. There will be a deep-down drive to get out from under any restrictions that have been holding them down. The energy will drive them with an unreleasing passion to break their bondage or at least fight until they feel free. The people will be quick to their assessment of their surroundings and their determination will be strong.

There is an underlying creative and courageous energy that drives the people. Being at nearly 1-degree Leo, the people will be driven to lead themselves or at least try. The friction will most likely manifest and anger, pride and conceit from the ruling class and the population works out the discord. Uranus sits at the center of the square making the situation explosive particularly with right-wing political people.

This sets up situations of unrest, upheaval, strikes and riots. Keep in mind that Uranus is in Aries which will embolden each side and energize everyone to contribute to the fight.

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Pallas is also in for the fight particularly against the leaders of the world, as written about in the Uranus Eris conjunction. This energy that has been pushing leadership to uphold a higher moral standard has been raging through Europe for the last few months, this eclipse should bring this energy out on a global scale. Now, on both sides of the Moon we have supportive energy that is highly emotional. Chiron deals with healers, thus there must be a flair of pain coming for the people. On the other side of the Moon we find Ceres which is the energy of nurturing, growing and caring for a family.

Expect the people to react visibly to any dishonesty that is displayed in the leaders. This energy is known to be like instant karma that the leaders should look out to not get involved with. Another aspect that seems to be playing out mostly between the asteroids is the Ceres Juno Opposition. Juno represents the energies regarding how you are faithful or loyal.


Juno comes from an earth sign that is sensual, tactile and determined. Yet these two energies are in opposition.

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Note that the time period for this opposition stretches from mid-December to the start of April all winter. This can bring up a time where one will be willing to fight for family or to fight to protect the things that have been worked on for a long period of time. This opposition will bring out emotions in the range of: grief, unbearable loss, depression, deprivation, spousal abuse, powerlessness, rage, unfairness, betrayal and bitterness. To this collection, we add Vesta in a position to agitate both Ceres and Juno. This energy comes from a place that is willing to fight for the cause with an intellectually independent spirit.

This energy would normally accentuate the attributes of a perfect wife, but here, we could see family issues, fear of intimacy, insecurity all play out with passion.