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While he was always at major astrological conferences, his Aquarian ascendant gave him such an egalitarian social nature that rather than hobnobbing with the astrological elite he would hang out with the hotel staff.

Astrolabes and Stuff: Masculine Mars? Planetary degrees in medieval astrology

A great loss to astrology. He died on October 24, , of bone cancer in Phoenix, AZ. This memorial is interactive, and we welcome your memories and tributes, which we will add to the page in the order received. They may be edited for length, grammar, or suitability. If there are any additional contributions we should mention or any inaccuracies in the memorial, please bring them to our attention. Photos will be scanned and returned.

About 40 pages. Save Shipping Charges - Get your report by email. Buy Online See sample report for Angelina Jolie pdf. You will love reading all about yourself in our best-selling, beautifully laser-printed birth chart report. Even your minor aspects and lunar node are delineated in full, rich detail, making this an awesomely complete report.

Steve Blake's friendly, literate readings help you know and accept your individual strengths and weaknesses, and suggest constructive ways for using your own particular qualities. Each section of the report explains key astrological ideas, making this report understandable to all. About 20 pages. Buy Online See sample report for Barack Obama pdf.

Buy the software that produces these reports. Read more about the software. These interpretations have been written by world-renowned Sabian expert Lynda Hill. This report written by Stephanie Johnson evaluates and interprets the major themes for the forthcoming birthday year.

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Besides sorting timed hits in the usual chronological order, you can sort with the slowest-moving transits first. Or, try grouping natal points to see how each is affected by transits during the period. Or, put exact and leaving hits upfront with the entering hit to see the whole course of each transit as it starts. Or, sort transits, progressions, directions, ingresses, stations and eclipses into separate sections.

Dynamic lists have the same advanced options tertiaries, minors, quotidians, Bija correction, etc. Also note our new calendar complete with short text. The powerful time search capability enables you to use a wide range of astrological criteria and chart data criteria. Solar Fire makes it all so easy and the results are fascinating.

New search facilities: If you were already delighted with Solar Fire's electional and chart search facilities, then you are likely to be amazed by the new search conditions in the latest versions. Some chart shapes also allow selection of which planet is key e.

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Lead planet in a Locomotive, Handle planet in a Sling or Bucket. And if that is not enough Solar Fire now allows for full Boolean logic support! And there's more Now you can see aspects already in Orb at the start of each report. Our Dynamic events now always have the highest accuracy possible, including for large time steps. Auto DST adjustments are now applied to report events and a timezone column added to show which timezone applies to each event.

You can easily and quickly display any dynamic report in calendar format, for a day, week or month at a time. You can print your Solar Calendar or email it to your family, friends or clients. Your interpretations can be shown as popup hint bubbles or as a separate report. The calendar can also be produced as a PDF file and then easily exported as calendar events into other calendar programs such as MS Outlook, or any other calendar applications that are compatible with the iCalendar or vCalendar formats.

All Kinds of Forecasting Charts: Solar Fire lets you cast all types and variations of forecasting charts and save them for future use. You can choose from:.

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  • Progressed Charts: By secondary, tertiary mean or true , minor or user rate. MC progressed by solar or Naibod arc in either longitude or right ascension, or by Q2 "daily houses" rate.

    What Is An Astrology Zodiac Sign Natal Chart & Where To Get Yours For Free

    Progressed day type may be standard or Bija. Can also be direct or converse, tropical, sidereal or precession-corrected. Directed Charts include solar, Ascendant, Vertex and user-defined arcs, and these can be direct or converse, with whole, half, double or reverse arcs. You can view any forecasting chart either by itself or in a multi-ringed wheel along with the natal and other charts. Return Charts include returns of the Sun, Moon or any planet or standard asteroid to its natal or any other specified position. Returns can be tropical, sidereal or precession-corrected; direct or converse; full, demi, quarti, or any other harmonic; and you can do a whole string of returns from any starting date. Other types of return include progressed solar returns and Wynn Key Cycles. Lunar-Phase Charts include progressed and transiting lunar phases, eclipses, phase returns, and Pessin lunar phase families.

    Age-Harmonic Charts create a harmonic chart for a given moment in someone's life from the person's exact age at the time. You can do these for the person's age, or age plus one year. Solar Fire's aspect highlighting feature makes the changes even more dramatic, thickening an aspect line as the aspect builds in intensity, and then changing it to a broken line as soon as the aspect separates.

    Not only can you animate chart wheels, you can also animate aspectarians and even whole pages in order to watch their tables of dignities, arabic parts, rays and a lot more change through time. You can also animate dials, get point-and-click interpretations, and print out any chart that you see on the screen. This simple and direct way of looking at charts could well become your favorite way to forecast.

    A Real-Time Chart shows you a wheel or page with constantly updating current planetary positions. To get it, you simply put the animated chart on automatic update. This is in addition to the constantly updating planet, MC and Asc positions that you can have always visible on Solar Fire's Main Screen.

    What you need to know

    Dynamic Hit lists are extraordinarily flexible and complete in Solar Fire. You can do transits to natal, transiting, progressed or directed positions , progressions secondary, tertiary, minor and user-defined, to natal or progressed positions , arc directions solar, Ascendent, Vertex or user-defined whole, double, half or reverse arcs , sign and house ingresses, stations and eclipses.

    Chart types

    You can do any of these by themselves or mix them in one timed list, and you can gain even further flexibility by merging hit lists. As points, you can include both moving and natal asteroids, hypothetical planets, midpoints, and even the moving Asc, MC, Vertex and Equatorial Ascendant.

    Plus, as natal points you can include intermediate house cusps, Arabic parts, and any fixed points that you specify. Other choices include natal or relocated; geo or helio; tropical, sidereal or precession-corrected; regular or converse; and timing to either the day or the minute.

    Once you set up all your selections for a given purpose, you can name and save them for future use. Once a hitlist is calculated, Solar Fire's sorting capabilities help you to make sense of it. Besides sorting timed hits in the usual chronological order, it's useful to sort with the slowest-moving, most important transits first.

    Or sort by natal points to see how each factor in the chart is affected by the transits during that period. Or sort by the moving point to see what each moving point is doing to all the planets in a chart. Or group entering, exact and leaving dates together to see the whole course of each transit as it enters orb, perfects and separates. Or sort by type of aspect.